lego cake toppers

As some of you know, I used legos to propose to my now wife, Lauren. The next logical step was to try to figure out a way to work legos into our wedding. I tried to find lego cake toppers online, but I wasn’t satisfied with anything I found. I obviously wasn’t going to let that stop me. Here, for all of you, are the lego cake toppers I designed, complete with parts list and instruction booklet for each figure.

lego me and lego lauren

some background

When primetime rolled around, my lego people didn’t fare so well. Lego me took more than a couple of topples off the cake, and lego Lauren had to be taped together before the reception because her dress fell apart. Had I been there to ensure that lego us were delivered carefully and placed them on the cake myself, I think things would have been a little better. In the end, though, we got the pictures we needed with everyone fully intact!

There were a couple main issues with the original design. The first one was that these models were not designed with structure in mind. I know I have a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, but that is neither here nor there. I was going for looks here. Lego me needed to have a base. That would have prevented the topples off of the cake. The issue with Lauren was that her dress was hollow, and because she didn’t have a base either, whenever she got moved there was a good chance her dress would break. Another fun fact is that I hadn’t seen Lauren’s dress when I designed these. Had I known it had polka dots, I would have made a few modifications.

Overall, the first figures I made looked good, but whenever they had to be moved, they usually fell partially apart. They traveled with us to Hawaii, and even though I often had to reassemble them, they took several trips to the beach and even went on a bike ride with us.

the new models


In order to confidently provide you, the interested party, with the best lego cake topper possible, I have addressed the issues I found with each figure and created new models. These models each have a base, and the bride’s dress is more structurally sound as well. The parts for my first models cost me around 45 bucks before shipping. Because I added a few parts to these, I would expect them to be around 50 for a bride and groom pair. I am providing separate parts lists and instructions because I realize that not everyone is necessarily a part of a bride and groom pair.

I designed these using a program called MLCad, which is a part of a software package called LDraw. Clicking on that link will take you to the software developer’s homepage, where you can download all of the software for free! MLCad is a program that allows the user to create a lego model. It will generate a parts list once you are done and also allow you to create an instruction manual (using another program called LPub, also included in the LDraw package). The software is not required to make these figures, however. The parts list and instructions provide all the information you need to buy and assemble these new models as-is.

If anyone out there actually downloads and uses these, please let me know! I would really love to see people take the idea and customize it. It would be great to see some of these with different hair/skin/eye color, different hairdos, different dresses or tuxes, etc. I have also provided the MLCad files which can be modified.

download the files here

To buy the parts, go to the lego pick a brick site and type the part numbers from the lists into the “Design ID” field. Also keep in mind that the parts take a couple weeks to ship so this should be done a few weeks in advance.

*quick note: if you use the MLCad files to create a new parts list after modifying, some of the part numbers need to be substituted. I believe the parts list I used was outdated. The lists I have provided have the correct part numbers.

Happy building!


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