Where Should the Oscar Detector Go?

I am in the midst of creating an epic home automation system based on the brilliant “Uber Home Automation” instructable.  I’m not going to go into any of the details in this post, but rest assured, there will be an epic post coming once I finish up a few more things. 

what is this?

I am incorporating a “cat detector” into the home automation system, and I hope to add a couple turtle detectors if everything goes well with this one. Using a raspberry pi a+, an ultrasonic rangefinder and a raspberry pi camera module, I can detect, snap and tweet a picture of Oscar the cat (aka Kookie).


what do you want to see?

Oscar is widely regarded as the cutest cat on the planet by anyone who has ever seen his face. I get to look at him every day, but you don’t. So now I ask you – what do you want to see him doing?! Eating? Lounging? Taking a dump? Something else? Let me know!


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