DIY Smart Thermostat 1 Year In

It has been about a year since I installed the homemade thermostat. So far, everything has been working really well. The biggest modification I have made so far is the 3D printed enclosure.


I also added the remote temperature sensor to save energy at night. Additionally, I added some historical data tracking to the openHAB interface and created a weekly email of stats that I get every Saturday.

temp History.PNG



Cat Feeder V4.0

After struggling to keep the original design working, I finally decided to redesign the drive system of the feeder. This allowed me to consolidate the control system as well. The result is smaller footprint and a more reliable feeder.


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Remote Temperature Sensors

I took a few months off from needing to do much work on the home automation system. A new job has quenched my desire to work on things I actually enjoy. After the break, I have started focusing now on improving existing pieces of my home automation setup. One of the cooler little projects I just finished was creating an enclosure for the remote temperature sensor in the bedroom. It has a tiny little 8×8 led matrix and looks pretty sweet (if you ignore the janky looking wire).


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