Remote Temperature Sensors

I took a few months off from needing to do much work on the home automation system. A new job has quenched my desire to work on things I actually enjoy. After the break, I have started focusing now on improving existing pieces of my home automation setup. One of the cooler little projects I just finished was creating an enclosure for the remote temperature sensor in the bedroom. It has a tiny little 8×8 led matrix and looks pretty sweet (if you ignore the janky looking wire).


Some Background

For some time now, I have had a second temperature sensor in our bedroom in addition to the one attached to the thermostat. At night, I have the thermostat look at the temperature in our room as opposed to the dining room (which is where the thermostat is). During the winter, it would keep our room at the temperature that we wanted while the rest of the house would remain a few degrees cooler. It has been working really well, but it has also been collecting dust and cat hair on my night stand.


The Solution

I wanted to make something as small as possible, and I also wanted to add a little screen. Prior to this project, the only way to see the temperature in the room was to open the app and check there. I use a pair of 1.2″ LED matrices from adafruit as the display on the thermostat, and I think it looks really great. While browsing the adafruit website, I noticed that they also had tiny little 0.8″ square matrices. They work exactly the same as the bigger ones.

I printed the lowest profile box I could for the little breadboard that i use on a lot of my projects, and also printed a couple of additional pieces used to mount the matrix. The box has a hole just big enough to stick the temperature sensor out of. The end result looks adorable, for lack of a better word.


I still have to figure out how to make the wire look better, but I plan on creating a couple more of these to place strategically around the house.

Bonus Feature!

They can also double as night-lights.




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