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Making Our House Smarter


A few months ago, I came across an instructable explaining how to make a DIY home automation system using arduinos and a raspberry pi (two things I have previously written about). The instructable, which can be found here has morphed into an entire community of people who have created systems in their own homes. In the process, there are several improvements that people have been able to make since the original system was described. Because there are so many people working on this and many of them have questions, a whole forum was created which is dedicated to these sorts of questions and ideas (found here).

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Where Should the Oscar Detector Go?

I am in the midst of creating an epic home automation system based on the brilliant “Uber Home Automation” instructable.  I’m not going to go into any of the details in this post, but rest assured, there will be an epic post coming once I finish up a few more things.  Continue reading Where Should the Oscar Detector Go?