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New House, New Desk

It appears I have not posted for almost a year, but don’t think I haven’t been busy! In fact, over the past year, we have bought and renovated a house, and I have also been travelling a lot for work. We also gained a cat, Stella, but unfortunately lost Yoshi, our red-ear slider. I believe these events are relevant because I have always used the pets as inspiration for projects.  The house has also provided some new inspiration for projects. I built a compost bin, as well as some raised planter beds. Those don’t amount to much more than boring wooden boxes, though. The pride of my new office has become the desk that I built this Fall. Read on to see some pictures and how it all came together!

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lego cake toppers

As some of you know, I used legos to propose to my now wife, Lauren. The next logical step was to try to figure out a way to work legos into our wedding. I tried to find lego cake toppers online, but I wasn’t satisfied with anything I found. I obviously wasn’t going to let that stop me. Here, for all of you, are the lego cake toppers I designed, complete with parts list and instruction booklet for each figure.

lego me and lego lauren

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