Lauren’s Music Box

For my wedding gift to Lauren, I wanted to make something, obviously, because that’s what I do. I decided on an arduino based music box for a number of reasons. It didn’t require a lot of parts. It was something that I knew I could figure out, but hadn’t tried yet. It was something I could easily customize and make special and meaningful for us, and it was something I thought Lauren would enjoy. Read on for an explanation on how it works, pics, vids and of course, schematics and files!


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lego cake toppers

As some of you know, I used legos to propose to my now wife, Lauren. The next logical step was to try to figure out a way to work legos into our wedding. I tried to find lego cake toppers online, but I wasn’t satisfied with anything I found. I obviously wasn’t going to let that stop me. Here, for all of you, are the lego cake toppers I designed, complete with parts list and instruction booklet for each figure.

lego me and lego lauren

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