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Remote Temperature Sensors

I took a few months off from needing to do much work on the home automation system. A new job has quenched my desire to work on things I actually enjoy. After the break, I have started focusing now on improving existing pieces of my home automation setup. One of the cooler little projects I just finished was creating an enclosure for the remote temperature sensor in the bedroom. It has a tiny little 8×8 led matrix and looks pretty sweet (if you ignore the janky looking wire).


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Smart Thermostat Massive Post

The thermostat became my target of smartification almost a year ago. I built a working prototype at the time, but because of the move and it being cold outside for the past few months, I have held off installing it for good. This past weekend, I finally got it on the wall. It does everything a standard home thermostat can do, but it is also integrated into the rest of the home automation system which allows it to be controlled and monitored remotely. It also employs some of the smart features you would see on a nest thermostat.

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